Intra-Surgical tele-cooperation

An experienced surgeon remotely guides a brain biopsy procedure performed by a trainee neurosurgeon; a 3D printed model derived from the preoperative images of the subject undergoing surgery is used, and the TeleMed system is used to guide the trainee using the real-time Hub / Spoke synchronization of the neuronavigator images and the embedded audio / video teleconferencing system .

Tool Tracking

The video shows the 3D rendering on the anatomical model of a surgical instrument traced by an optical localization system (Polaris Vicra)

Hub/Spoke Sync

TeleMed allows Hub/Spoke views synchronization for surgical Real Time telementoring, pre-surgical planning and intraopoerative support

Pre-Surgical Planning

TeleMed allows connected users to plan the surgical procedure to be performed by teleconsultation, through the real-time exchange of surgical indications traced interactively on the patient's anatomical model, reconstructed from multimodal medical images.

More than Telemedicine

TeleMed allow Real Time telepresence

The primary purpose of TeleMed system is to provide a remote medical assistance (teleproctoring and telementoring) throughout the patient's care process, from the initial evaluation phase of the clinical case to the planning and execution phase of the surgery. Also if high band-width wireless technology allows bidirectional visual and audio communication with minimal loss of information, this is not enough because in addition to the audio / video exchange it is also essential to be able to manage both the 3D/2D medical images (MRI, CT, Tractography, fMRI, ...). The system allows the consultation between doctors, based on real-time bidirectional exchange of: - audio/video streams; - 3D/2D medical images (MRI, CT, Tractography, fMRI, ...); - surgical indications in the form of graphic representations on the 2D / 3D model and video frames; - accurate tracking of surgical instruments (ablation, medicinal deposition, punctual stimulation) throughout the operating field during the entire intervention phase in real time; In this way, the system provides the real-time assistance between the highly specialized center and the operating team, located in geographically distant places, during the surgical procedure, allowing an effective telementoring/teleproctoring in surgery.

What TeleMed does

The Suite allows Real Time...

  • Hub/Spoke views synchronization
  • Surgical tools tracking
  • Pre/Intra-surgical tele-cohoperation
  • Surgical indication sharing
  • Secure and effective DICOM Series Sharing
  • EEG data projection

Our Partners

Clinical and Scientifical Partners

  • Logistic Command of the Army

    Policlinico Militare di Roma "Celio"
  • University of Rome - Sapienza

    Department of Human Neuroscience
  • University of Rome - Tor Vergata

    Department of Neurosurgery
  • Az. Osp. San Camillo Forlanini

    Department of Neurosurgery