Surgical Tools

Indications for Tele-Cohoperation in Surgery

Virtual pre-operative planning has now become a standard for planning various types of surgery, so much so that virtual surgery is brought to the operating room to improve results. 3D planning allows you to reduce intervention times and to predict any complications through virtual planning. TeleMed allows the operator to insert in the three-dimensional model some graphic indications that are significant and useful in the pre-operative planning because highlights:
• The area on the patient's skin tissue to make the incision (Surgical Incision)
• The area of the skull tissue from which to access the brain (Craniotomy)
• Path to be followed during the surgery (Surgical Path), specifying the point of arrival (Target) and departure (Entry)

As part of surgical tele-cooperation, these indications can be exchanged in real-time between users connected by teleconsultation, in order to allow them to agree on surgical planning.

Additional tools are made available by the TeleMed software in order to support the surgical team (SPOKE station) in carrying out the planned procedure, always maintaining assistance from the highly specialized center (HUB station) connected by teleconsultation. The indications provided allow the correct positioning of the entry point (Cortical Stimulation Mapping) and the attitude of the surgical instrument axis (Target View).