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Sentech is a certified Italian company with a 16-year history of innovation in the embedded computing sector, in dedicated solutions for signal processing boards and special functions, in the design of complex components such as antennas and process/measurement controllers, in integration of complex systems and related sensors. The professional staff of the Company is specialized in the analysis and design of complex systems and related sensors using both high-level technical computing language (eg Matlab/Simulink, CST, COMSOL Multiphysics Modeling Software, Solid Works, LabVIEW, Ansys Fluent) and C/C ++, Python, Java, Android and MySQL.
The experience in the field of systems covers the following areas:

- Design of integrated electro-optical and laser systems for RISTA missions, geopointing, aiming, ballistic correction (Modified Point Mass Model and 6DOF);

- Design and construction of integrated DF systems and custom direction finding antennas for special applications and the implementation of advanced Direction Finder algorithms such as Super Resolution, Multipath Signals DOA, Low Signal Noise Ratio DOA;
- Radar Target Generator (RTG) and Electronic Warfare Simulation System(EWSS) for testing RADAR and EW systems in real environment and for operational training.

- Design and implementation of complex multi-domain Artificial Intelligence systems, the creation of various types of Neural Networks (Recurrent, Convolutional, etc.) and the generation of synthetic datasets in the various optical bands (IR and VIS) through the use of latest generation graphics engines for training neural networks on classes with unavailable datasets.

SenTech has created TELE-MED integrated telemedicine system (patent pending) which allows:
* Teleconsultation sessions between specialists located in distant sites for real time interaction on data / images (including complex DICOM images, fRMI, EEG, Cranioplasty);
* The execution of surgery in Virtual Presence with remote assistance.
- A neuronavigation system that includes a "three-dimensional multimodal medical imaging" system (Segmentation, Data fusion, 2D / 3D rendering, Tractography, Measurement tool. etc...)
The system helps for Remote diagnostics, Remote monitoring/programming and advance patient care while maintaining physical distancing.

SenTech Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 certified

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